Daily rent of apartments in Kharkov. Accommodation, apartments and hotel rooms in Kharkiv

Daily rent of apartments in Kharkov. Accommodation, apartments and hotel rooms in Kharkiv

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Railway depots of the Euro 2012 Ukrainian cities

It will be more safe for foreign visitors to travel be the train There is a railroad station in almost every inhabited location, even in the smallest one Kiyv, Kharkiv, Donetsk and Lviv have amazing modern stations

The railroad station of Kiyv is a very big and complicated modern building Kharkiv train depot combines 200 years old building tradition with the modern technology Donetsk and Lviv stations also have long-term traditions of passengers’ transportation Train station may offer all necessary amount of services right on its territory

There also waiting halls available for common and VIP clients An information bureau works without breaks Prices at the railway station are pretty low in contrary to the level of service The staff of Ukrainian railway is very polite to the customers, so as qualified When searching for some place in town or traffic roots the volunteers may help you with this right at the railroad station If you haven’t taken care about the transfer from the depot, airport taxi service will be there for you also as a city bus|Every railway depot has not just a taxi station but also a common bus stop for those passengers who aren’t in a hurry|City bus and taxi stops can be found directly at the station|Transferring from a railroad depot is provided by bus and taxi services} Prices for a bus are about 30-40 cents per a ride and for taxi 70-80 cents per km. of the way Train depots will surprise you with their design and comfort

If you haven’t found a proper rent apartment in Kharkov you may start the search at the train depot

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