Daily rent of apartments in Kharkov. Accommodation, apartments and hotel rooms in Kharkiv

Daily rent of apartments in Kharkov. Accommodation, apartments and hotel rooms in Kharkiv

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Public roads of Ukraine

If you have chosen to travel by car from the Kiyv, Kharkov or Donetsk airport here are some advices for you

Ukrainain traffic rules are almost the same as those which are in use in the USA, but the level of driving culture is lover here Some of local drivers may seem you rude, so be patient and don’t wait from anyone to let you overrun them When passing the road intersection, you should be aware of hasty drivers, who don’t notice a traffic light

Don’t you ever try to be first on the road - it may cost you not getting to the destination at all Even some elder people in Ukraine try to run across the streets from time to time so move very carefully especially in lively places Always give the way to the footer either he’s next to a passing place or not if it won’t cause another vehicle to hit yours Ukrainian roads are brought to the world standards for the last years and won’t become a problem for tourists While moving in rainy or just weather you should lower the speed in additional 10-20 km. per hour to prevent the crash

To check the speed limitation you need to look for special V shaped boards on the sideways and the limit itself is almost the same as it’s in the other countries if it won’t help, make up that you don’t understand what’s the problem and you more likely will be free to go In Ukraine it’s quite acceptable to deal with the road police by paying them off with a small amount of cash Moving Ukrainian roads be very carefully, don’t haste and most important- be polite- this is what Ukrainian drivers sometimes don’t do

Moving by car you surely will be able to find fast a perfect rent apartment. Similiar short rentals: Zaporozhye appartments

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