Daily rent of apartments in Kharkov. Accommodation, apartments and hotel rooms in Kharkiv

Daily rent of apartments in Kharkov. Accommodation, apartments and hotel rooms in Kharkiv

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Volunteer work on Euro 2012

Volunteer movement is very popular in Ukraine and will be most appreciated while the Euro 2012 tournament is on Look only for the staff who wear clothes with the symbols and logos of the Euro 2012 volunteer movement Look for their help near sport centers, transport stations and show-place

Let’s for example look through how you can use the volunteers help arriving to the airport ofKharkiv If you have arrived in town by train or an airplane the volunteer point can be found directly at the station Volunteer movement in Ukraine isn’t different from the one in any other countries and could be very useful if you’re looking for any sort of information You should choose the volunteer to help you carefully, at first ask what is his o her education, and general information about this person, during the conversation you may also find out his English skills

To make the volunteers job easier be very direct in what you need and specify any important details if you’re interested in getting something of somewhere Clarify the kind of transfer you need if looking for the root advice When choosing a place for living it’s often useful to accept the volunteers help because they know the town well This people can help you managing any common problem that may occur Don’t trust important information or money even to a man who helps you as a volunteer

About all the places where volunteers can be found in your city of interest you can find out from the special web-site devoted to the Euro 2012 in Ukraine

Don’t ever treat to the volunteers as the owe you something

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